Happy Birthday Lego – My favorite toy and gift to give.


Apparently yesterday was not only National S’more’s Day but also Lego’s birthday. I start giving my nieces and nephews Lego (Duplo) at about age 2. And a small Lego kit is included in every Christmas socking (Santa is smart that way). Lego’s store in Downtown Disney was recently remodeled. Check out the awesome sculptures inside, outside, and around the store. All made from the standard-size bricks.





See more of my Lego Pictures on Flickr. Including the San Francisco in Lego exhibit at Legoland.

The most wonderful time of the year… Halloween

Source: ravelry.com via Tricia on Pinterest

I know I’m not the only crafter that loves Halloween. Take a look at all the awesomeness I’ve found around the web:

My Halloween pinterest set

A quick search of Halloween Patterns over on Ravelry

The picture above is a “deathflake” and a pattern on Ravelry – Take a look at all the cool things people have knit using this pattern

The two bloggers I’ve been following since 2001 are also big Halloween fans.

Take a look at Jenny’s cool pumpkins and other projects at ljcfyi and Meagan over at notmartha.org is the creator of the Hallowig