Travel Photo Friday : Up close and personal with a Rhino at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Rhino Feeding - San Diego

At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park we took the optional tour and fed Rhinos and Giraffes. An experience I’ll never forget. More pictures of us up close and personal with these amazing creatures are on Flickr in the San Diego Set

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Author: Tricia

Craft addict, flickr lover, Librarian and Legend in her own room.

  • I had no idea they were social animals! Very cute!

  • Looks like he wants you to give him a good scratch! Very fun!

  • Wow! How fun that you got to see the rhinos up-close! We’re moving to Las Vegas in a few months, and I know we’ll make a trip down to San Diego at some point. I’ll definitely keep the safari park in mind.