Cheeky Geeky Crafty Knitty New Year Video Post

Happy New Year – Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about: Knitting, what other people are knitting, watching tv while I’m knitting, listening to audio books while I’m knitting, listening to podcasts while I’m knitting, Downton Abbey, Valentine’s Day, and what you’re watching or listening to while you’re knitting.

Links to the websites I mention:

Ravelry Yarncraft Community

Brooklyn Tweed

GAP-tastic Cowl Pattern by Jen Geigley

Bandana Cowl from the PurlBee

Cannon Wave cowl pattern at Patternfish by IrishGirlieKnits for Kollage

My Pinterest “Knits in Fashion” Board – Downton Abbey page

NPR Popculture Happy Hour

Boing Boing’s GWeek Podcast

hwtm Valentine’s Day Resources – Handmade Printable Valentines

Bit of a new project : Podcast on Neat Stuff on the Net

The people who frequent this space (all 2 of you – Hi Mom! and Little Bro!) know about my day job as a Research Librarian. I decided to jump in and put my research skills to use in a podcast. Since the most recent “episode” is entertainment oriented I thought I’d share it here.

Resource Brief No. 4 | National Academy Database, Art from British Museums, Harry Potter’s World