Travel Photo Friday : Road Trippin

Road Trip!

Four ladies, three dress forms and a whole bunch o snacks were packed for Team IGK’s trip down to Long Beach and TNNA.

We’ve all traveled together before and always have snacks.Our mainstays are:

  • popcorn – the white cheddar seems to disappear the quickest
  • nuts – almonds, or a mixed variety
  • m&ms – peanut or pretzel
  • peanut butter filled pretzels

New this time:

  • Turkey Jerky

A few of us are trying to eat more protein so for this road trip there was a variety of turkey jerky added to the mix. We did a taste testing and the Trader Joe’s brand was the clear winner.

We traveled in comfort and style thanks to @snbLeslie’s new car! We were packed in with the dress forms and all the booth paraphernalia in the back and luggage in the clam shell up top.

What are your favorite road trip snacks?

Photo Friday: Seattle Sea Creatures in the rain

Seattle Sea Creatures

If you let the rain stop you from getting out and about in Seattle, you may never get anywhere. I wandered along the wharf area around Pikes Place and discovered this sea themed sculpture. There are more sculptures and vistas along the wharf and it’s usually much less crowded than Pike’s Place Market.

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