2014 Resolved

Thanks to joining a couple of book clubs last year, I made more time for reading and this year I want more. I’m on GoodReads and plan to make better use of it. One thing I still haven’t worked out is a good “to read” shelf organization system. I’ve got so many on there that I often don’t remember why I wanted to read some of them. One idea is to start using Pinterest boards so I can comment in the description. I do that for my “Gifts for the Boys and Girls” board and it helped during holiday shopping this year.

New year means new calendars, I’ve had the planner above for more than 10 years but had stopped using it regularly. I pulled it out again because I’ve fallen down the planner blogging rabbit hole and my mind is filled with so many pretty planner things.

Want to decorate your planner or calendar pages? Have a look at Kate Goldsby’s pretty set up. And she even offers a calendar download. Sweet.

I found her via Philofaxy as well as Paper Love Story where I also found that posting your weekly round-up is a thing.

The gorgeous bag above? My wonderful hubby got it for me for Christmas.

Pretty paper and organized calendars are my Pr0n. Have any calendar / organization tips? Please share!

Happy 2014


Something you should never doubt: Libraries save lives

Regina Calcaterra, author of Etched in Sand speaks about an almost unimaginable childhood with her 5 siblings. And their library card was their: “card to happiness.” The video is a book trailer for her memoir “Etched in Sand.

In the new issue of People magazine reviewer Caroline Leavitt writes, “Her book reminds us that it’s possible to suffer the unimaginable and still grow up to make a difference.”

Neat Stuff on the Net: Words, Words, Words


We have been having a glorious week of weather here in Northern California. And the camellias finally bloomed! They are hands down my favorite but I also enjoy the pops of color everywhere this week:


Here’s a bunch of neat stuff I learned:

Braggadocious” means boastful or arrogant:

it sounds braggadocious, but I don’t think I ever dropped a pass in a game
I’ve never been a braggadocious kind of guy

See the other words added to the Oxford Dictionaries recently

If you’ve ever made the drive from the Bay Area up to Mendocino, you’ve probably passed through the quirky Booneville. At one time its residents spoke their own language. Sadly,’boontling’ is fading away.


I recently discovered the delightful The Second Lunch blog who led me to the work of Jane Mount, who paints books! I squealed when I saw her project: The Ideal Bookshelf. So close to my librarian heart.

hand painted bookshelf

And then, separately, I found the artist Ed Ruscha who has been painting and creating books for many years. If you’re in New York you can go see a show with his work and the work of others inspired by him. The show, called “Books & Co.” opens on Tuesday at the Gagosian Gallery’s Madison Avenue space. There will also be a “Live from the NYPL” event with him on Wednesday March 6.


Cheers! to glorious weekend weather and trying not to look schlumpy.