Link Love: Knitterly projects, Disneyland, and Remembering an Old Friend

For Link Love this week Diane at Crafty Pod has tasked us with going through our archives and finding our popular posts.


Wee pumpkin pattern – Harvest and Halloween fun in a simple little pattern. And a peek for things to come. I plan to go all out on Halloween this year.


cheater's posole

Cheater’s Posole Recipe – Comfort food in our house can be easy. This one didn’t get a lot of comments, but it got a ton of views thanks to its acceptance to the foodgawker website.


Adrian at Monster's inc

The details inside the Happiest Place on Earth – This was my nephew’s first trip. He’s an old pro now and I’m feeling the urge to visit Disneyland again.



Knitters were thrilled that we were ahead of the game with the popular cowl patterns. Now we’re doubling and tripling them up and calling them “infinity scarves.”


Handknit hand-dyed hat

I started to cry when I saw that this was one of my popular posts. I’m so grateful to have this picture of me and my wonderful friend’s dog “Boo.” She was my introduction to Australian Cattle Dogs and wicked smart. Although blind, she would gently herd us when we went for a walk. Always keeping count of her people. Boo has since passed away and will always have a special place in my heart.

Puppy. Party. Two great words even better together

One of my dearest friends added to her family and had a party to celebrate.

Introducing: Ringo the Wonder Dog


Can you believe the cuteness?
At first, there was all kinds of puppy frolicking

Excited to meet you

Puppy excitement

There was so much running around to greet everyone that I couldn’t get a clear picture.


And then things started to calm down a bit and Ringo began to show us what puppies do best.

all things must be sniffed

Like sniff.

about to chew

And sniff.


And chew.


And chew some more.

And get distracted.


Which gave me a chance to admire his ears. I love puppy ears.


I had to give him a scritch.


And Ringo did not mind one bit. No siree.

Love the ears

Look at those ears! I love puppy ears.

The secondary purpose to all this puppy madness was to help socialize little Ringo. My friend put a bowl of kibble out with instructions on hand feeding him.


Seven years ago, I helped with their other puppy Tala. Tala is now a very well behaved and social lady.

Tala showing her skilz

This is Tala showing Ringo how to act properly.

Tala is being Very Good

Here is Tala being a Very. Good. Dog. She would like you to know that. See that table? That’s where the treats are and, if you are inclined, you could give Tala a treat. Tala would never beg. Ladies don’t beg. But she’ll stay there just in case you think she is being a Very. Good. Dog. And maybe you would like to give her a treat.

Ringo Snuggle

Ringo often got scooped up. This is Ringo and his Young Man. (Don’t you love his hair?)

Ringo Snuggle

The young man gets his hair from his mom who likes to snuggle with puppies as much as I do.

More Ringo Snuggle

There was lots of puppy snuggling going on.


And Ringo got a bit tuckered out.

puppy paw

Giving me a chance to check out his sweet puppy paws. I love puppy paws almost as much as puppy ears.

Tala is still being Very Good

Tala would like you to know that through all this madness, she is still being a Very. Good. Dog.


I’m sure Ringo will be a Very. Good. Dog. Right now, I just want to snuggle wuggle his puppy sweetness.