Week in the Life 2013 | Friday

Breakfast - granola, blueberries, bananas and yogurt

I was so happy when Friday finally came. What a week. Here are some of the main moments from the day.

Books delivered


Lunch at the desk

Lunch at the desk

Harvested tuna (prickly pear)

Taking a break for a walk, I noticed the tuna (cactus fruit) had been harvested.


I have to remember that taking breaks is important.

one of the last few

Leaving work I see that most have left ahead of me. Bad habit of mine when I get busy is not noticing the time.


Home to put away dishes;

feed the kitties

and feed the kitties.

Dinner out

Thank goodness hubby wanted to have a nice dinner out.

Week in the Life | Thursday

Valeri morning cuddle

I’m not a morning person. Really, I’m not. However, I get up at about 5:10 am so I can get a little fun time into my day.

Washing greens for salad lunch

I also have more time to put a healthy lunch together.

Picking up the papers

Work duties start by picking up the newspapers.

Opening the library

Then I open up the library. Here are a few more of the workday’s activities which involve…

The cart

driving the cart down to campus,

Law library

visiting branch libraries;

Movable stacks

& picking up books.

the view again

I decided to go for a mini photo walk at lunch to refresh a bit.

Olive tree

orange with a bee

back to the desk.

Then back to the desk.

afternoon coke and meeting notes

Finally home and Ginny’s on the table.

She's not supposed to be on the table

She knows she’s not supposed to be up there. But she’s all “What? Something wrong?”

popcorn fresh

Yay for “Movie on the Square” night and fresh! popcorn.

Movie on the Square: 42

I was happy to see that 42 got a good turnout. Overheard: Man, Harrison Ford is old!

Week in the Life | Wednesday


Valeri likes to cuddle early in the morning. This used to be Ginny’s thing but Valeri has been beating her to it.

Morning View

Low clouds in the east. I’m hoping it will be cooler.


A favorite path leading to the lower offices.

Co workers

When days are rough, I try to remember what great co-workers I have.

when I get home

When I get home, Pavel flops at my feet.

Ginny wants water from the sink

And Ginny wants water from the bathroom sink. She’s so spoiled.

kindle reading - Sotomayor autobiography

So tired from being up late the previous night, I head to bed to read a bit from the Sotomayor book.