Week in the Life 2013 | Friday

Breakfast - granola, blueberries, bananas and yogurt

I was so happy when Friday finally came. What a week. Here are some of the main moments from the day.

Books delivered


Lunch at the desk

Lunch at the desk

Harvested tuna (prickly pear)

Taking a break for a walk, I noticed the tuna (cactus fruit) had been harvested.


I have to remember that taking breaks is important.

one of the last few

Leaving work I see that most have left ahead of me. Bad habit of mine when I get busy is not noticing the time.


Home to put away dishes;

feed the kitties

and feed the kitties.

Dinner out

Thank goodness hubby wanted to have a nice dinner out.

Author: Tricia

Craft addict, flickr lover, Librarian and Legend in her own room.

  • sazzy

    I am happy you got to Friday too! Is harvesting the cactus allowed?

    I hope you enjoyed your dinner out cuz we are heading into a very busy project.
    No more play time thru October. Just sayn.

  • Beautiful photos, love the cactus one – so very exotic to me!

    • cheekyattitude

      Thank you Hanna!
      It’s so easy to forget what is unique to others when you see it every day.

  • sazzy

    Finger tapping on the table here…waiting for saturday’s photos and story…