Discovering good eats in Seattle : Links

BlogHer Food is in Seattle this year and like a good research librarian I gathered lists and articles that will lead me to good local eats.

A Few BlogHer Food Speakers Dish On Their Favorite Seattle Food Spots : From the BlogHer Foodies themselves.

A number of articles caught my eye over at Sunset Magazine:
Dine like a local in Seattle
Where to nosh late-night in Seattle
Sunset’s neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to great Seattle eats

Orangette’s interview with Saveur Magazine:
City Dozen: Molly Wizenberg’s Seattle

Let me know if you have any Seattle favorites.

Remembering the good stuff: 2011 – the food

Fava Beans

This year we started getting a farm box and have enjoyed trying a number of fruits and veggies that were new to me. My fava bean post was a featured post on BlogHer (quite a thrill for me). And I no longer fear the butternut squash. I also wrapped turnips in bacon, and found a great way to make a flavorful stir fry.

The farm box will continue this year, but less frequently. Even the small box is a bit too much for just us two. We’re now getting a box every other week instead of every week and still have more than enough and a freezer full of prepped vegetables.

Peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast

Eating out in 2011 was the year of the breakfast. A highlight was a re-visit to Pt. Hudson Cafe and their stellar bacon cheddar waffles. I chased the chicken and waffle craze to the Front Porch in San Francisco and have hopes to get to 900 Grayson in Berkeley sometime soon. In San Diego I developed an obscene love for the peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast at Cafe 222. I still think it is possibly a perfect meal: Peanut butter + Banana all melted and gooey between egg soaked toasted bread – you’ve got your protein and fruit and grains, right? Perfect.