Chicago Eats: Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Italian Beef


As always, for me travel plans mean eating plans. Being my third trip to Chicago, I know I want those special items not available elsewhere.


Portillos Dessert and Beer menu Noming on an Italian Beef Sando












Portillos is the go to place for Chicago Hot Dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches. I have to remember to go hungry, After eating here, I can’t eat the rest of the day.


Giordano's Thin Crust Pizza


Preparing for pizza is mandatory as well. The guys at the train station (last time we arrived in Chicago by train) sent us to Giordano’s and we didn’t regret it one bit.


I’ve been gathering other ideas, but BlogHer usually feeds us so well that I don’t get out much during the conference. But who knows, maybe I’ll have some more finds.

New York Goodies

I lost my camera during this trip so all I have are iphone photos to share. The person who has my camera has the more vivid details of the trip including the BlogHer conference memories. Yet I still love you New York.
I love New York


I have so much love for New York City that I can overlook its suffocating humidity. I have been adding to my list of places to eat and things to do for over a year and my plotted list ended up looking like this:
Bookmarked NY things to do. #gonnaneedmoretime


With all this on my menu plus all the fun stuff that BlogHer had to offer, I needed at least a month to make a dent in the list. Here are a few of the highlights of what I did manage to squeeze in:

Madness from the waffle truck ny

From the @waffletruck – Belgian waffle, strawberries, banana and nutella – fresh fresh fresh and good good good

trio of rolls s'mores made to order
In the lower level of the Plaza Hotel there is a Food Hall with all types of delectable treats. We shared a trio of rolls: crab, lobster, and shrimp. And then I had a s’more made to order from the Three Tarts counter where their gourmet marshmallows are the stars.

PDT - Entrance through the phone booth

Through the phone booth of a small hot dog shop you can enter a speakeasy style bar with silly taxidermy (jackalope) and specialty cocktails. I had the “mescal mule” a mescal laced concoction with passion fruit puree and house made ginger beer.

bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll

I’d be big as a house if I had easy access to the N.Y. Deli quick and delish breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll.

Summer Walk through North Beach in San Francisco


Beautiful day in San Francisco on Saturday – Sunny and warm proving Mark Twain wrong. I walked through the Financial District to North Beach. A quick stop at City Lights Books for browsing. Brunch that included a “Bloody Hammer” and Brioche French Toast at 15 Romolo. More wandering, and another stop at Vesuvio. I don’t think I’ve been in the neighborhood for about 10 years. I love that not much has changed.