BlogHer 09 – Getting There

Morning in north Dakota  train 9 hrs behind.

We decided to make the Chicago BlogHer trip our vacation and take the train out from Seattle. Luckily we gave ourselves plenty of time. When we woke up on the 2nd day we were still in North Dakota and 9 hours behind schedule.

For my snb rwc peeps. It is knit night! Working on my cottys

I ended up getting a lot more knitting done before our arrival at 2:22 AM (!) in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to the primping Social Luxe is offering.

Author: Tricia

Craft addict, flickr lover, Librarian and Legend in her own room.

  • Your vacation looks and sounds wonderful. Have a great time at Blogher!

  • Vera

    What?! You were in Seattle? How did I miss you?!

    • Tricia

      I was barely there. Our stop over was only 4 hours. All we could do was grab a bite, browse the bookstore and head for the train.