Speedy Southwestern Salad – Easy picnic salad recipe


The credit for this “recipe” goes to @snbLeslie who brought a version of it as a dip to one of our knitting weekends.

3 ingredients for the salad

The hero of the 3 ingredients is the TJs Corn and Chile salsa which adds the spice and lovely southwestern flavor.

Easy avacado cubes

If you keep a can of black beans on hand and this salsa you can squee a little bit like I did when I got avocados in my CSA.

Beans, Avacado, corn salsa

After cubing the avocado, rinse and drain a can of black beans, and add the salsa.

Salad mix

And you’re done. Serve it in a bowl as a dip with tortilla chips.

salad bites

Or schmancy it up a bit and assemble a plate to pass it in little tortilla “cups”.

Salad toppings - Southwestern

I kept the mix in the fridge during the week and just tossed it with a bowl of greens for a quick “Big Salad” meal.

As a vegan dish you can’t go wrong bringing it along on a picnic or to a pot luck.

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Fresh from the farm box: Pluots make a good crumble recipe

pluots from my CSA

Another new-to-me item from the Capay Valley: pluots. These were easier than the fava beans because I could just take a bite and find out what they were meant to be. Tangy sweet. More like a plumb than apricot – more plu than ot.

I had enough to make a small batch crumble.
sliced pluot

The 3 pluots chopped up nicely and fit into 3 small baking dishes. Then I drizzled raw agave nectar over it.

the crumbly part

The crumbly part was made with 3/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup melted butter, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 cup palm sugar (you could use brown sugar) all mixed together until the oats were pretty well covered.

Finished crumble

Baked at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes.

Hey hey hey – I made elote!

I made street cart style elote (Mexican corn-on-the-cob)

Well, elote just means “corn on the cob” but I was going for the Mexican street cart style. It came out pretty well and even hubby was convinced that mayo on corn tastes good. I’ve only had it in Mexico and my cousins introduced me to it in Mexico City. When we got corn in our CSA this week, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try at home.

I went to our local Chavez market for two key ingredients:
elote fixins: espazote and cojita

Espazote to cook with the corn and cojita cheese to put on top. The other ingredients are mayo, butter, chile powder, and lime. I’ve seen recipes that don’t use espazote in the water and use parmesan cheese instead of cojita. I had access to both so I just went ahead and purchased them.

This is another one of those non-recipes because you just throw it together. First parboil the corn in water with espazote sprigs then grill (you can skip the grilling if you want), while the corn is still hot butter it then slather it with mayo, next sprinkle with cheese and finally add the chile powder and a squeeze of lime.

Notice anything funny about the picture at the top? Yup I was so worried about the light and getting the colors right that I forgot to add the cheese for the photoshoot. doh! I took one bite and realized my mistake and added the cheese then. Oh well. I’ll just have to make it again some time.

Here’s a video showing how it gets served up from a cart: