Speedy Southwestern Salad – Easy picnic salad recipe


The credit for this “recipe” goes to @snbLeslie who brought a version of it as a dip to one of our knitting weekends.

3 ingredients for the salad

The hero of the 3 ingredients is the TJs Corn and Chile salsa which adds the spice and lovely southwestern flavor.

Easy avacado cubes

If you keep a can of black beans on hand and this salsa you can squee a little bit like I did when I got avocados in my CSA.

Beans, Avacado, corn salsa

After cubing the avocado, rinse and drain a can of black beans, and add the salsa.

Salad mix

And you’re done. Serve it in a bowl as a dip with tortilla chips.

salad bites

Or schmancy it up a bit and assemble a plate to pass it in little tortilla “cups”.

Salad toppings - Southwestern

I kept the mix in the fridge during the week and just tossed it with a bowl of greens for a quick “Big Salad” meal.

As a vegan dish you can’t go wrong bringing it along on a picnic or to a pot luck.

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  • sazzy

    i had to look twice at the way you cut the cado. that is very cool!