Cannon Beach – pretty wave infinity scarf is an easy knit


Finally fully finished. Another one of those quick knits that sat around because I didn’t block it or weave in the ends. It will be perfect for the early fall evenings. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I lost the ball band. I think this is a plucky worsted, but don’t hold me to it.

The pattern is available as a download from Ravelry

Author: Tricia

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  • Jorge

    There’s always so much going on at a meet-up that it’s easy to make mitaekss. I spent the whole time frogging my mistake (that I’d made BEFORE I went) and then knitting back up and one row past where I’d started. So much for completing the darn thing! However remember it’s the process that counts, right? Sure. Uh-huh.Hope 3rd time was lucky!

  • sazzy

    story of my life…losing the yarn bands.

    this is lovely. and how quick?