Week in the Life | Tuesday

Coffee please

Breakfast. A little over done

I can’t handle the early starts without coffee. I will stare at the pot sometimes just waiting for it to finish.

Can't see him again

They boys play while I start to scramble to get ready

Work meeting assembling

Big start to the academic year. I had to give a presentation and was very very nervous. So I didn’t get many pictures today.

Working lunch

Partially because of the meeting, I ended up working through lunch. Not a great way to go through the day – I ended up getting pretty fried.

Knit night

Thankfully knit night means hanging with my great group.

The chewer

Sometime after 11 I ended up catching this guy chewing on the blinds. No matter how hard we try to keep the strings away from them, they find a way to bring them down. I think they think it’s a game.