Mad Crush Monday : Matte Stephens, artist and brainiac.

I just swoon over Matte Stephens’ mid-century style. You’ve probably seen some of his illustrations – He has quite an impressive client list. The personalities of his characters shine and their names always make me smile. I deepened my love for his paintings when Hubby and I saw his show at Rare Device in San Francisco.

He also needle felts!

I watch his flickr stream and blog for new paintings and I love to catch an occasional picture of his darling cats.

He also sells prints on Etsy

Mad Crush Monday : Katie Sokoler of Color Me Katie

Katie Sokoler’s blog is the place I visit whenever I need a pick-me-up or a reminder to enjoy life. Katie shares her street art in abundance and inspires me to use color everywhere.

Below is a video showcasing her installation of a playful “mosaic” decoration on her apartment wall.

collage from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

She also often participates in “Improv Everywhere” and stars in my very favorite is the Star Wars on the Subway video. She’s a perfect Princess Leia.

Katie- Thank you for sharing your life with the interwebs.

Katie’s Blog: Color Me Katie
Improv Everywhere’s YouTube channel