Crazy exciting moments in photography and knit design


See the beautiful shawlette in the picture? It is called Bellingrath and it was designed by the fabulous Carrie Sullivan aka Irish Girlie.

See the beautiful model in the picture? Her name is Thayer and she’s a knitter, spinner and designer too.

See the picture? I took it! And Kollage is using it for the pattern!

It was so much fun to do a photo shoot with these ladies. Thayer just glows and knew exactly how to show off the shawlette. We took the photos near a small patch of rose bushes on the Stanford Campus (so many options for various backdrops there).


Seriously – isn’t she gorgeous? I did NOTHING to retouch these (SOOTC as they say).
The three of us climbed on benches and twisted this way and that hoping to capture the shawlette. I used my “nifty fifty” favorite lens. And I only used one prop. A plastic umbrella that I bought for $2 at Daiso – it was perfect for diffusing the harsh sun. Irish Girlie was fantastic at holding it just right while I snapped the pictures.

Carrie (aka Irish Girlie) and Thayer will both be in Chicago for Stitches Midwest this weekend. Carrie will be signing her patterns at the Kollage Yarns booth on Saturday. I’m so excited for her – I know it will be a bit hit. It is a pattern set with matching socks and it is available from patternfish.

Work in Progress : Knit socks for him

Tessare Sock - for Mario

I’ve been working on these for a couple of months off and on. They’re Anne Hanson’s Tessare Sock pattern from KnitSpot. A perfect knit for a man you love. The pattern is interesting and without any yarn overs or things that may cause him to view it as “lacey” or “frilly.” The color’s great too. It is a Socks that Rock Rare Gem and the hubby picked it out from my stash.

Tessare Sock - Cat Borhdi Style

While I’m using the Tessare Mosaic-like pattern, I’m doing it “Cat Borhdi style”, using the personal footprint directions in her book. I’ve got one “foot” done and plan to knit the legs at the same time after I’ve finished the second foot. As all things Cat does, it is brilliant. I’ve knitted 3 pair of socks this way. Two for me (Mermaid and Cotty) and One for him and they are some of the best fitting socks I have.