How to Fall in love with Spring via Yarn

Spring has been pretty schizophrenic out here – icy cold one week, heat wave the next. I’m amazed that there are any flowers out at all.
lavender mum
But there are a few here and there and I can easily see how the fabulous dyer Tina (of Blue Moon Fiber Arts in case you didn’t know) gets so inspired by nature. And we get the rewards.
Knitting with Mermaid has been a bright spot of Spring in my day.
As CupcakeFaerie will tell, I grabbed this colorway out of IrishGirlie’s hands at first sight. Here’s a tip: if you’re ever on a yarn crawl with IrishGirlie get what ever she does. That gal has an amazing sense of color.

And what’s that? Another sock in the background?
Yup – and a super secret Cat Bordhi sock at that – all details to be revealed by Cat in late Summer. So far this is the best fitting sock I’ve ever knit and lives up to Cat’s tag line of “Simple & Mysterious”

Author: Tricia

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