Link Love: Projects to love, envy, join


This week’s link love is about projects. I’m a sucker for projects on the web, impressed by the creativity in others and their stick-to-it-tiveness. I completed a 365 photo project back in 2006 and am so glad I did. Here are some projects I admire:


365 Collages from

365 collages – I discovered iHanna from the last link love. Intriguing compositions and lots of eye-candy.


Disco laying out her hexi's for the blanket
Knitted Hexi Blanket – Hexi-puffs (or flats) have been the rage over on Ravelry for a very long time. Disco is making a blanket and raffling it off for charity. Gorgeous color. A “fiver” is one entry to the raffle. More details on her blog. Go Disco Go!



Ordinary Objects – Artist Sonya Philip’s projects are always thoughtful and beautiful. My favorite is this one where she knitted (!) into commonplace objects like milk cartons. My favorite is the BART ticket.



August 11-16 week at a glance

Creative planning – Before I found this flickr group, I started doodling more in my planner and looking back, the doodles make me smile. I’d like to continue on a more creative path of documenting my days. The photo above is from Teresa Robinson a.k.a.Stargardener.


A Week in the Life – I admire just about everything Ali Edward’s does. “A Week in the Life” is a project that documents the every-day. She’s completed a couple of years so far, and invites everyone to join. This year’s designated week is coming up, perhaps I’ll jump in. Here’s her post about the basics of documenting a week in your life.

Free images to use in your crafts, blog, etc.

Bike with a side car (Between 1940 and 1945)

Sure you can search Google images and come up with great results. But check to see the copyright status, it is unlawful to use copyrighted images even in collages.


Go directly to a site full of copyright free or public domain images. One of the best places to look is Flickr. Museums and archives are putting up historical images and photographs that you can use, and copyright status is easy to check. The most recent addition to “the commons” is the National Museum of Denmark, the source of the image above.

Mexican inaugural party musicians, 1921.

The mariachi photo above is also from Flickr’s commons. It is one of New York Public Library’s photos.

But you can find much more than photos.

Jolly Hallowe'en.

I saved the best for last – there are a ton of vintage images ripe for plucking. The vintage Halloween card above was also made available from the New York Public Library. Go take a look.