Happy Haunting Card

Happy Haunting Card

I made this card last year and actually can’t remember what I put inside. But it was probably “Happy Haunting” or “Happy Halloween.”

I used die cut stickers from Jolee’s boutique (Michael’s) and the background paper is from an old stack (seriously old – probably 12 years or so). The font underneath is “Burton’s Nightmare” and is a free font you can download.

Halloween Chalkboard Printable: Eat, Drink and be Scary

eat drink and be scary

My most favorite holiday of all is only a month away! I jumped on the chalk art bandwagon and created the above image as a chalkboard – like printable.

{Download “Eat, Drink, and be Scary” in 8.5 x 11 pdf format.}
Big thanks to the great tutorials and resources from the blogs below:

1.Download chalkboard backgrounds
2.Download and choose chalkboard fonts
3.Make a chalkboard effect using these tips.