Mad Crush Monday : Katie Sokoler of Color Me Katie

Katie Sokoler’s blog is the place I visit whenever I need a pick-me-up or a reminder to enjoy life. Katie shares her street art in abundance and inspires me to use color everywhere.

Below is a video showcasing her installation of a playful “mosaic” decoration on her apartment wall.

collage from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

She also often participates in “Improv Everywhere” and stars in my very favorite is the Star Wars on the Subway video. She’s a perfect Princess Leia.

Katie- Thank you for sharing your life with the interwebs.

Katie’s Blog: Color Me Katie
Improv Everywhere’s YouTube channel

BlogHer 2010 – The Party’s Over

the Party's over

The trip to New York was planned so I could attend this year’s BlogHer conference. (Haven’t missed this annual conference yet!) Every year is special in its own way. And it always comes down to the “BlogHers” I get to meet.

This year I summoned up the courage to go solo to the Mighty Event and meet internet rock stars Maggie Mason and Laura Mayes. I was supremely nervous and vaguely remember babbling and gushing at them. Sorry Ladies.

While I was there I met the wonderful and very hard working @avb. A New York native, she gave fantastic advice on places to see and on finding the best cupcakes (Amy’s Bread).

I enjoyed chatting with @ljc whom I first met at the first Chicago BlogHer in 2007. (I’m pretty sure I gushed at her in our first meeting, thankfully she doesn’t seem to hold it against me.) And I had a nice visit with @lish while at the Chevy Recharge area.

I thought I would just “run into” all the others that I usually find at BlogHer, but the conference has expanded and I now know that I’ll have to make more of an effort to firm up plans to actually chat with people like @fourthbreakfast, @kikarose, @debroby, and so many others that I missed.

Make it count

At least this year I grabbed a ticket to BlogHer Food early. Only 2 months away!

If it isn’t about yarn, it must be food related.

Monkey love

Looks like I’m not going to make it into BlogHer food. I signed up late and was on the waiting list – foolish to wait I know.

I’ll just drown my sorrows in Monkey Love and Churros dipped in chocolate.

Monkey Love is the drink above as served to me at Marinitas, a new restaurant in San Anselmo. I might have to reverse engineer it for consumption at a later date. I know it contained Myer’s platinum and dark rum, pineapple, orange and hibiscus. Very tropical and very potent.

The rest of the meal was pretty darn tasty too. We shared appetizers: ceviche, and queso fundito (mmmmmm queso). And I had the Saturday special entre Pork Tinga. The pork was fork tender and served over cheezy polenta (mmmm cheezy). My only complaint was that we had to order tortillas separately. Who serves a plate of meat without tortillas?


I was quickly subdued by the arrival of the warm, crisp churros with chocolate dipping sauce. (mmmmm chocolate)

Churros and chocolate.Churro anyone?