Yarn Store Field Trip: Bluebird Yarn and Fiber Crafts Sausalito, CA

colorful roving blues

I love the charming displays of this little shop across the bay. Fantastic ways to show off the beautiful fiber arts they support.

colorful roving orange and yellow

Bluebird’s new home is across the street from the old shop with room to sit and knit, take classes, or just explore.

drop spindles cupcake yarn display basket of bags

Easy to find and close to the ferry, I enjoyed wandering and exploring all the details of the sweet shop.

felted blue birds

Visit Bluebird Yarn and Fiber Crafts

If it isn’t about yarn, it must be food related.

Monkey love

Looks like I’m not going to make it into BlogHer food. I signed up late and was on the waiting list – foolish to wait I know.

I’ll just drown my sorrows in Monkey Love and Churros dipped in chocolate.

Monkey Love is the drink above as served to me at Marinitas, a new restaurant in San Anselmo. I might have to reverse engineer it for consumption at a later date. I know it contained Myer’s platinum and dark rum, pineapple, orange and hibiscus. Very tropical and very potent.

The rest of the meal was pretty darn tasty too. We shared appetizers: ceviche, and queso fundito (mmmmmm queso). And I had the Saturday special entre Pork Tinga. The pork was fork tender and served over cheezy polenta (mmmm cheezy). My only complaint was that we had to order tortillas separately. Who serves a plate of meat without tortillas?


I was quickly subdued by the arrival of the warm, crisp churros with chocolate dipping sauce. (mmmmm chocolate)

Churros and chocolate.Churro anyone?