Week in the Life | Monday


Semi-new routine in the mornings has me making breakfast first thing at about 5:10 a.m. I can’t talk that early, but I can make breakfast.


Ginny is usually looking out the window in the morning, but she was hanging out on the big cat tree.
And one of the boys was “hiding.”

New car

Biggest thing this week is my new car. The whole thing was finalized over the weekend and this my first day of driving it to work.


Requisite self-portrait of me in the driver’s seat.


Work set up: so much to do. My wallpaper is one of Mario’s pictures of a giraffe we fed at the San Diego Zoo.


The view from my workplace. You can see smoke from the Mt. Diablo fire across the bay. We’ve had a really dry year and this is early for “fire season.”



The cactus fruit look ripe in the garden. I may be brave enough to pick a couple. I’ve eaten them before but only in Mexico. And somebody else removed the needles and skin.


I often sit in my car at lunch for a break. And the new car has a fancy dash that shows the outside temperature. (I know most people have had this for a while, but my old car didn’t) It is waaay too hot for my comfort these days.


More work.

Dinner time with Sazzy at the local taqueria.

Ginny helping
Getting ready for bed, and noticed Ginny “helping” with the laundry.

A few notes looking at these, I think of the pictures I “missed.” Sazzy and I did some sketching after dinner, and I got to visit with her great doggies. I should have taken those shots.

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  • sazzy

    this was fun…going thru your day..and seeing the jazzy new car again…and the kitties. who gets up and does breakfast that early? and two computer screens? i am very impressed.