I made a new friend: A Needle Felted Turtle

Photo Aug 20, 8 09 25 AM

Sadly, the needle felting class I had signed up for was cancelled due to lack of interest. So I spent the day making a new friend. Isn’t he pretty?

Photo Aug 20, 8 09 40 AM

He’s from a Wool Pets kit I got at Maker Faire. I think he needs a name though. And a face.

Author: Tricia

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  • sazzy

    It was cancelled? Lack of interest? How can that be? Glad you used the day to felt anyway.

    Tony the turtle? Torty? Don’t get me going on names….

    • cheekyattitude

      I was pretty upset about the class so I took it out on some wool. 😉 I was glad to have the supplies on hand so I could at least do some felting on my own.
      Yertle the Turtle was suggested as well – I like that.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • sazzy

    I like myrtle the turtle.