Links: Spinning and Plying

Drop Spindle

Thanks to Cupcakefaerie, I’m learning how to spin yarn. The process is quite fascinating if you’ve ever worked with yarn or thread of any kind. Getting the fibers to twist and “lock” so it grows to a long, strong length.

Intro to Spinning videos from Abby Franquemont
Introduction to Spinning, Part 1, And Part 2. Very clear and easy to understand videos. Even the hubby found them interesting. [thanks Terry]

hand dyed hand spun

Once you’ve spun a bunch, you can make 2-ply from your single piece. But I keep forgetting how to wrap your hand to make the “bracelet” to ply from.

The Art of Megan shows how:
Plying Yarn on a Drop Spindle – Andean Plying Tutorial I like how she uses a thick length so you can view it easily.

This one is a super quick reminder: Making an Andean bracelet

Instead of your hand you can use tools:
D.I.Y. Andean Plying Tool from alittlebitofeach

Rosemaryknits explains how to use a paperback book as a plying tool.

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