Socks in progress, when there is little progress

cuff done and leg

I’m a slow knitter. A very slow knitter.


Also, I tend to get distracted and lose my place. The really bad thing about it is that I’ll think I know where I am and just continue knitting and discover later that I’ve really mucked it up. I ripped back this sock about 4 times before I finally put stitch markers at the beginning of each repeat.

cute little stitch markers make it more fun

A cute little one at the end of the round also helps. So now at least I’m making progress.

The pattern is Irish Girlie’s Blackberry Brambles.
I love its stretchy ribby elegance. And it is NOT difficult – I’m just a dorkus that needs the stitch marker training wheels.
The yarn is Madeline Tosh in the Oxblood Colorway
The cute stitch marker is from One Red Loop (who doesn’t seem to be selling right now) and was in our swag bag from the Knot Hysteria Retreat (Thank you!)

Project bag and blackberry bramble socks

The cute project bag is actually a bento box bag from our local Japanese dollar stor, Daiso (I love Daiso).

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