Food Pr0n : Just practicin mah foto skilz

Citrus Gazpacho al Fresco

As usual, the calendar says “First Day of Autumn” but our weather in Northern California says “extreme fire danger.”

But hot weather means cool soups from the kitchen at work. ChefQ does an amazing job at blending the fresh flavors of veggies and citrus in her Citrus Gazpacho and I get to eat it!

But first I took some pictures because I’m trying to learn more about photography, especially lighting. I recently completed a couple of classes and need to practice so I don’t forget and also (hopefully) get better. The picture above was taken at lunchtime out under a large shade tree. I really love the soft light.

I took some gazpacho home to see what I could come up with later in the day. The pictures were taken in the shade after sunset, and look how much the light changed.

ChefQ's citrus gazpacho

The soup has crunchy bits of cucumber and red pepper, orange bits and lemon add brightness and a touch of jalapeño gives it a very slight punch.

My next task is to wrangle the recipe from the chef.

ChefQ's citrus gazpacho

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