Knitting and Kitten ‘training’ – Featuring Socks that Rock

Holidazed ginny

Our “Kittens” Ginny and Joey are now over a year and a half old but still have moments of complete spazzy goofiness every day. I have a “rule” of no playing with my knitting that Ginny has struggled with from the beginning.

‘Training’ looks something like this:
I pull out my knitting
Ginny jumps on my lap
Ginny grabs at the yarn.
I say ‘no’ and put her down.
Ginny jumps back on my lap – remorseful and innocent, eyes-wide, purring*
Ginny nudges my hand to pet her.
I pet her.
She starts to curl up on my lap and as she turns around…
Ginny grabs at the yarn.
I say ‘no’ and put her down. (Actually it sounds more like – ‘GAAAAH! I SAID NO PLAYING with the YARN!’)
[repeat from *]

There have been many many times where I just had to put away the knitting until she was crashed out dead asleep in another part of the house.

Holidazed and ginny cat

We seem to have had a breakthrough with this sock. Her desire for evening cuddles has won over her kitten instincts to pounce and chew. I am so proud. And yet at the same time…
I am cat furniture.

The sock is Blue Moon Socks that Rock sock club yarn and ‘Holidazed’ pattern from 2008

Author: Tricia

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