2012 – Happy Year of the Dragon

A ninja and his dragon - 2012 year of the dragon

When I moved to Japan, not a single person asked what my astrology sign was. All they wanted to know was what animal I was and what blood type. I am a snake which, I am told, is close to the dragon. According to astrology.com this is the year of empowerment.

What does that mean for me? Here’s what they say:

Funny thing: The Dragon and Rabbit are as different from one another as night and day, yet you’re looking at your second year in a row with a 65 percent favorability rating. Count your blessings, Snake. There is a difference, though: Last year was probably more to your taste, but this one is more likely to result in greater success! Hopefully you charged your batteries and made some good plans while the Rabbit was in charge, because now you have ten good months in which to accomplish big things. Strike out in new directions. Be daring. Let yourself get swept up in the high-flying Dragon’s enthusiasm.

Hmmm. Be daring? Well that sounds promising.
What about you?

Author: Tricia

Craft addict, flickr lover, Librarian and Legend in her own room.

  • sazzy

    ummmmm. i am a pig. i could go on and on about how true this is about me BUT here is how my sign relates to the year of the dragon…

    Generally, as there is no special affiliation between Pig and Dragon, this should be an average period for the Pig this year.


  • Victor is a snake too! I’m a dog (yay!) which means that I should lay low during the year of the dragon (boo). But, apparently I should be exercising more and saving money, and as it happens I already have two New Year’s resolutions to that effect. So that’s handy.

    • Tricia

      Yay puppies and snakes (?!) I’ve always got the scary signs. Snake, scorpion…

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  • Clotildes

    helpful! i love reading your articles, thanks for all.

  • Audete

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