Travel Photo Friday: Legoland and Star Wars goodness in San Diego


Another fun stop in San Diego was Legoland. I’m a Lego Geek and a Star Wars Geek. So the new section on Star Wars was especially fun for me.

My favorites were the Millennium Falcon in Tatooine:

Legoland Millennium Falcon

And the Hoth Scene:

Legoland Hoth Imperial Walkers

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Author: Tricia

Craft addict, flickr lover, Librarian and Legend in her own room.

  • i LOVE this, esp hoth. we love playing lego star wars on our wii – i’d be so happy there!!

  • THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I love them – and so does my 8 year old son who is drooling over my shoulder looking at them!!!


  • This seems to be the summer to go to Legoland. I feel so left out! Guess I’ll just have to start planning a trip. Not sure if I should wait a few more years for the little guy to be a little older, or if I should let his dad have all the fun now. Cause really, I live with 2 little boys. How my house is not overflowing with toys already, I will never know. It’s certainly not from lack of trying.

  • We haven’t been there for years. My son would LOVE the Star Wars stuff!