NYC First Night Food

Radio City Music Hall

Our vacation this year was to New York City and arrived just in time to check in and head to dinner. We quickly discovered that Radio City Music Hall was right around the corner from our hotel.

Menkui Tei

I found Menkui Tei on yelp and we went in to try their ramen. I took the wall menu postings and inclusion of Hiyashi (cold) ramen to be good signs.

Menkui Tei Walls

Hubby had his ‘usual’ Miso Ramen and I tried the Hiyashi Chuka.

Miso Ramen  ala Menkui Tei

Hiyashi ala Menkui Tei

Neither of us were disappointed. Hubby even went back a second night and had the same thing with an added egg.

Next up Dessert!
Just a little further down 56th Street, Momofuku has a “milk bar” selling cookies, soft serve and a few other select sweets. Hubby tried their soft serve flavor of the day, salted pistachio caramel.

momofuku softserve salted pistachio caramel

A selection of cookies made it back to the hotel room.

Cookies from momofuku

The “compost” cookie included whole mini pretzels and cornflakes.
They were all very rich and tasty, but I liked the peanut butter the best.

Author: Tricia

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  • Yummy! Hope you are having a great time!

  • what was in the confetti cookie? The compost cookie cracks me up.

  • Tricia

    Hi Noor!

    There was no way I couldn’t get the compost cookie when I saw thedescription. Even if it wasn’t good (it was) I had to try it.

    The confetti cookie was as sugar cookie with multicolored sprinklesbaked in. Also yummy and Mario’s favorite.