Walking San Francisco’s Mission District and Beyond

Mission grates w chalk relief

This past weekend, I had the great good fortune of kitty sitting for a friend who lives in San Francisco’s Mission District. I love walking the city and had so much fun discovering places new to me.

Saturday morning I walked up Valencia and noticed a bunch of chalk art/graffiti had poped up. Some creative soul rubbed chalk on the grates that surround the trees lining the street. I never noticed the art on the grates before – a big thank you to whomever it was.

Oyster mushroom and spinach benedict

First off I had to fuel my weekend and I met a friend at Mission Beach Cafe. The wait (about 30 min.) was well worth it. I had the “wild mushroom benedict” and a “huge” grapefruit mimosa.

Well fed and slightly tipsy I headed to Imagiknit one of the few remaining yarn shops in the city. I should have taken more pictures. The store is adorable and a really great space. The people were very helpful and attentive. It was good to see it hopping. There were even a couple of people learning to knit.

Halp! Internet knitters. What to choose?

I was there looking for buttons for my Cassandra Cowl. (Excuse the crappy phone camera pic.)

Hubby met me for dinner and we headed to have some Ramen at Halu. The tiny place serves pretty fantastic noodles.

Chashu ramen at halu

Update: Mission Local has the full scoop on the chalkings. Toward the end of the video you can see the picture at the top of this post being made.

Next up…Sunday!

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