Help with your e-reader from your library


You have a library card. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Most public libraries in the U.S. offer electronic books to their members and can be downloaded remotely. The New York Public library has created e-book central to help their members navigate borrowing and downloading books and other materials. Luckily for all of us, the process is pretty much the same at all U.S. libraries. All you need is a library card (I know you have one).

New York Public Library e-books and apps by device gateway

New York Public Library Kindle Page Public Library Books for Kindle Page (Info is applicable to Kindle App for iOS)

Overdrive Media Console (for library epub formatted items)

New York Public Library iOS Home (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

If you are in the U.S. and can’t find your library’s online catalog and/or their ebook collection. Let me know in the comments. I’m serious – I’m a Librarian, have mad skills and want to help you.

Mischief Managed: It has been a great ride Harry Potter

We’ve re-watched the dvds in preparation for the big final finale and I am excited but sad to have the ride end. Harry Potter has touched so many lives around the world.

Over at the post I wrote about a resource from the National Library of Medicine was selected to be a featured post.


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