Photo class and texture

manzanita texture

Cupcakefaerie and I recently took a basic photography class to learn more about digital SLR cameras and general settings. It was only 3 weeks and 4 sessions but there was a whole lot of learning going on on my end. And now I want to practice so I don’t forget (because I know how easy that is to do).

One of the assignments was to focus on lines shapes and textures. I have always been fascinated by the shedding habits of the manzanita bush. We’ve got quite a lot of it in our dry hills. I love how it sheds in such perfect curls and its underlayer is so perfectly smooth.

This was taken about 12:30 on a white hot day. Camera: Nikon D50

Learn from my stupidity – don’t upgrade less than a month from BlogHer


When I realized that my blog had been eating comments and I couldn’t figure out the reason, I thought:
“Well it is far beyond time to upgrade my WordPress anyway.”

The upgrade did not play nice with my old customized theme and I have been pulling my hair out for the last two weeks trying to clean it all up.

I’ve now got something manageable but my archives are gone (I’ve got a back up but I can’t see them) as are all the comments (The few I had were precious to me).

I’ve given up trying to make it all perfect before BlogHer and I’m just going to go forward and continue to try to fill in the history.

Thanks to the DePo Skinny Theme I’ve made it look the way I want.

I’m sure I haven’t found all the wonky-ness there is to find, so if you come across crazy errors or 404s please let me know at cheeky[dot]attitude[at]gmail[dot]com.