My favorite time of year is here! Halloween Links


Halloween Category over at Make/Craft Magazine

Martha Stewart: October Good Things | Halloween Decorating Ideas

Not Martha’s always great Halloween Projects | The zombie cheese head thing is seriously scary.

Holidash collection of Halloween Crafts

Family Fun Magazine (Disney) has a Halloween Section: Mickey Mummy Cupcakes!

Stocking Stuffers for Knitters


About 7 years ago, the first Christmas after I started knitting, Hubby surprised me by stuffing my stocking with a bunch of cool little knitters tools. I was such a new knitter that I didn’t even know they existed. There was a row counter and some stitch markers and a few other things. He told me he went into my local yarn shop and stared at the wall of tools trying to figure out what things were and if I needed them. One of the kind sales workers must have seen his dazed and confused expression and picked out a bunch of stuff. The story still tickles me now because he made such an effort to find things that would support my knitting. It showed me how he “got” that knitting had become one of my pleasures. Sadly, that knitting store no longer exists. But many things can be purchased online or at other knitting local knitting, fabric, and craft stores.

Here are some ideas for last minute stocking stuffers for knitters.

For other gifts for knitters, the Yarn Harlot has been adding cool ideas throughout December for “non-knitters who love knitters.”
Start with Day 1

And if your knitter is also a crafter – here’s my list of stocking stuffers for crafters that I posted on Skinny Scoop.

The most wonderful time of the year… Halloween

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I know I’m not the only crafter that loves Halloween. Take a look at all the awesomeness I’ve found around the web:

My Halloween pinterest set

A quick search of Halloween Patterns over on Ravelry

The picture above is a “deathflake” and a pattern on Ravelry – Take a look at all the cool things people have knit using this pattern

The two bloggers I’ve been following since 2001 are also big Halloween fans.

Take a look at Jenny’s cool pumpkins and other projects at ljcfyi and Meagan over at is the creator of the Hallowig