Wee mischief makers are lurking about… knitted leprechaun for St. Paddy’s Day

If you look very carefully this time of year, you might find evidence of the wee mischief makers lurking about.

They are very quick and could be anywhere…

Inside or out.

So keep watch over your gold coins

Watch out for leprechauns

And your Irish Hooch

Uh oh - The leprechauns are after my hooch

They can be quick little buggers

Leprechaun Hat

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Details about the leprechaun hat can be found here. I used the teeny tiny mochimochi gnome pattern for the leprechaun.

February 2012 in photos

February Mosaic

Still getting a photo a day – Some days it has been hard and I end up with yet another kitty picture.

1. 366 ninja dice – neon style, 2. Bloom with flare, 3. Odd shaped lemon, 4. Martians land at Jupiter?, 5. I made kale chips with asiago cheese – so yummy, 6. Camellias are blooming, 7. Prima style, 8. From the farm box, 9. Joey boy, 10. Burger night at the patty shack, 11. Happy 91st Birthday Grandma!, 12. We did it again. #yarnbomb #valentine, 13. VD Ninja love, 14. Jesse is a little overwhelmed by Buzz’s Spanish mode, 15. On the way home, 16. Love for one of Sazzy’s trees, 17. Heron on the dish walk, 18. last night. John Bentley’s “poached pear” cocktail Pear vodka lychee balsamic reduc, 19. We will miss u Jorge. #gobears, 20. Crock pot cookin’, 21. Handsome Wyatt, 22. Getting ready to go, 23. Untitled, 24. Above Los Angeles, 25. Tio Mario and Adrian w Mickey ears on, 26. Having the best time, 27. Snacking on the Green Green Grass, 28. New case for my iphone, 29. LeapDay-PuddleJump.jpg

Highlights of this month:
We did it again. #yarnbomb #valentine
Yarn bombing downtown for Valentine’s Day

Tio Mario and Adrian w Mickey ears on

Trip to Disneyland with nephews and nieces


My crazy multiple attempts getting this shot in the parking lot at work.